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Solutions Architect

The Solutions Architect leads the Architect staff in ensuring that common architecture decisions are implemented consistently across business and IT in order to support the business and IT strategy. Direct the research, analysis, design, proposal, and delivery of IT architecture solutions that are appropriate for the business and IT strategies across the enterprise.

This involves consulting with technology areas to design technical structures based on existing standards and processes that meet the strategic needs of the business and integrate with other business and IT Processes.

The Solutions Architect oversees the enterprise-wide effort to provide integrated systems analysis and recommendations on appropriate hardware, software, and communication links required to support IT goals and strategy. This may include overseeing the coordinating activities of the project team and assisting in the monitoring of project schedules and costs.

This role formulates recommendations to resolve and document issues that arise in the architecture. This may include reviewing designs and recommending improvements to the architecture.

The Solutions Architect is responsible for having an advanced understanding of IT industry trends and enterprise standards and methodology. They will be able to react to issues that arise. The role will be knowledgeable on the enterprise infrastructure and applications, and can be called upon to provide expertise in multiple areas.

Role-related tasks:

  • Oversee effort to analyze IT industry and market trends and determine potential impact upon enterprise.
  • Oversee effort to identify and analyze enterprise business drivers to derive enterprise business, information, technical, and solution architecture requirements.
  • Oversee efforts to develop overall architecture approach for all layers of a solution.
  • Direct work with the business users and application developers to develop the overall application architecture. 
  • Oversee development of architectural best practices and standards.
  • Provide leadership and vision to the overall architect group.
  • Oversee efforts across the enterprise to implement overall architecture approach for all layers of a solution.
  • Oversee efforts to ensure that enterprise architecture standards, policies, and procedures are enacted uniformly across application development projects and programs.
  • Oversee efforts to review the deliverables throughout the development cycle to ensure quality and traceability to requirements and adherence to all quality management plans and standards.
  • Exhibit a strong understanding of the enterprise architecture as a whole.
  • Oversee effort to support lines of business, support staff and technology areas, who are implementing projects that impact the architecture.
  • Oversee efforts across the enterprise to review and provide input on proposals from an architectural perspective, including feasibility, practicality, technical viability, and consistency.
  • Oversee efforts to assess and recommend infrastructure and application solutions for upgrades to meet business needs.

Individual working requirements:

  • +6 years of experience in IT architecture development and project management
  • Completed studies in business informatics or equivalent training with an IT focus
  • Good knowledge about technical architecture and implementing e-commerce systems
  • Good knowledge in the hybris architecture and knowledge with Java EE
  • Good knowledge about the Software development lifecycle
  • Knowledge about software testing and frameworks
  • Knowledge about agile software development like Scrum or KANBAN
  • Structured, solution-oriented and independent operation
  • Good analytical skills 
  • SAP hybris Know-how

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