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Software Architect

The Solution Architect is responsible for the overall IT-processes of the allocated area. Rather than leading the departments on a management level, he designs the processes to be implemented and is responsible for the quality of the over-all solution.

The focus of the tasks of the Solution Architect is based on the conceptual design for solving business requirements, implementing scalable solutions that comply with SAP standard techniques and meeting the expectations on stable, high-performant operations in production.

Role-related tasks:

  • The job holder is responsible for the following tasks in accordance with his supervisor:
  • As Solution Architect you are responsible for designing the article management, purchase & finance related processes for our national online shops.
  • You work closely together with the business demand managers to properly understand the requirements, give rough effort estimations and break down the requirements to IT work packages.
  • You take the lead for designing integrated solutions in accordance with SAP standard techniques, taking into account not only the best solutions for an individual department, but the overall end-to-end process.
  • Together with the M&F Solution Lead you plan the implementation of system adaptations by properly making up work packages and time-lines for the Delivery & Testing teams.
  • You are responsible for the quality of the designed solutions. This means that you are constantly reviewing the produced output of the Delivery team, making corrections whenever necessary. Any productive incidents resulting from your design, must be fixed in accordance with the SLAs to ensure stable operations.
  • Incidents that require system changes must be reviewed by you to achieve consistency with the over-all solution and any on-going activities.
  • It is your task to hold the due dates for productive deployments and clearly report any deviations to the management team.
  • As senior it is your obligation to hand-over your expert knowledge to the Solution Consultants, Developers and Application Supporters.
  • Apart from designing new features you are monitoring and optimizing the existing process landscape.
  • You consult the leadership team on any IT-related questions.
  • You support the leadership team in the decision making process by providing detailed analysis on the impact to the IT-solution.

Individual working requirements:

  • Interact with internal customers and partners, including business analysts, project managers and developers
  • Be quality–oriented and proactive
  • Enjoy international environment,
  • Use English in your daily operations
  • Produce high-quality products in an agile way

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