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Scrum Master

Scrum Masters lead teams, often implementing this new methodology for the first time, meaning that in addition to coaching they are driving organizational change. 

The goal of a Scrum Master is to improve teams and overall project management by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility in the face of unpredictable circumstances.

In his role the Scrum Master leads by example and shows the team how the methodology is used. He is in close contact with the team members and takes a teaching role towards them. The Scrum Master is not only responsible for implementing new methods but also for the day to day activities of the team like moderating meetings and clearing impediments.

The role of the Scrum Master is by the nature of organizing the work to be done by others more general. Process-specific knowledge can be helpful to lead the teams, but the focus is more set on organizing the work load and the smoothly flow of work through the teams.

Role-related tasks:

  • Introduce, establish and train of agile methods and agile tools
  • Train, moderate, adapt and develop agile meetings, -tools and -methods
  • Establish the agile mindsets within the teams and beyond team borders
  • Promote transparency and strengthen the confidence into the agile methodology within the company
  • Train other internal agile coaches
  • Lead the change in mindset and culture which is needed for the new methods to success
  • Help team members understand the benefits of agile methods 
  • Lead and moderate the daily agile meetings and activities
  • Support the team by clearing impediments

Individual working requirements:

  • Completed studies and perennial experience in guidance of agile, interdisciplinary teams as an agile coach
  • Moderation- and management competence
  • High level of "operational readiness" and willingness to develop high performance teams
  • Combination of operative development orientation with strategic development perspective
  • High ability to work in a team with a high level of communication- and presentation skills
  • Certification as "Agile Coach"
  • Speaking German and English fluently
  • Experience with issue tracking / project management software (i.e. JIRA)
  • Communicative and natural leader
  • Developed teaching skills 

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