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SAP Consultant

The SAP Consultant is responsible for allowing normal operations in the productive Backend environment.

This includes the monitoring of technical events and to detect and escalate exception conditions. The Consultant offers first level support for the business departments and assists in solving issues, resulting from system changes or exceptional events in the productive systems, e.g. network failures or malfunctions in solution components. He performs regular checks of background processes and makes sure, that the overall system performance does not reach a critical state.

Application optimizations by minor system changes such as re-scheduling of jobs or adjusting system settings, which do not require the general redesign of existing processes, are also covered by the Consultant.

Coordinating the release of new features / bug-fixes carried out by the Delivery team complete the task of the SAP Consultant.

Role related tasks:

  • Manage and operate technical environment including networks, servers, operating systems, security and technical infrastructure capacity 
  • Monitor all technical events like incidents and take appropriate control action to address the events to the team
  • Working on the end-to-end provisioning process facilitating automation
  • Ensure addition, modification or removal of any IT asset in a standard and controlled manner. Execute technical access mgmt. to technical environment after pre-Business approval
  • Responsible for Incident Management. This includes proper analyze of the incident reported and the solution management in accordance with the SLAs.
  • Plan and execute releases together with the development team
  • Inform of releases, patches and incidents
  • Support the stabilization of new features in the productive systems
  • Constantly monitor the stability of the End-to-End processes, escalating deviation whenever they occur
  • Deliver input for the rest of the team about shortcomings of the existing processes, so that improvements can be addressed
  • Discuss process and functional improvements with the business department and developers
  • Optimization of processes and applications
  • First contact for reported problems from the business department or the countries
  • Carry out corrections after severe functional or system failures, bringing back the system to a normal state
  • Plan trainings to improve functional and technical skills

Individual working requirements:

  • Completed studies in business informatics or equivalent training with an IT focus
  • Good understanding of service management tools for event management, provisioning and monitoring
  • 4+ years of technical event and provisioning management experience
  • Good conceptual and analytical understanding
  • ITIL-certification and knowledge about the hybris commerce platform

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