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SAP Consultant

The SAP CONSULTANT works with the  team focusing on the IT-processes in the respective SAP area. He/she is responsible for the further evolution of the SAP processes by understanding and designing solutions which exploit the SAP-standard to its best and identifying the needs for Add-on developments. He/she interacts with other members of the team as well as the business to capture the exact requirements. Solving incidents and giving support in case of productive failures complete the tasks of consulting.

Role-related tasks

  • Designing and continuing to develop the SAP processes to ensure its functional capability during productive operations. 
  • Elaborating on creative and future-oriented solution concepts for technical requirements, as well as implementing them by customizing the SAP Retail systems. 
  • Conceptual design for Add-on developments 
  • Integration with/into other modules incl. basic knowledge of other connected modules 
  • Ensure the solution quality by constantly checking the impact on end-to-end processes 
  • Status updates towards project managers or superiors for on-going activities 
  • Support of operations by giving advice for troubleshooting problems 
  • Conduct end-to-end tests based on user defined scenarios 

Individual working requirements

  • Interact with internal customers and partners, including business analysts, project managers and developers 
  • Being the initial contact for IT suppliers during projects 
  • Be quality–oriented and proactive 
  • Enjoy international environment 
  • Use English in your daily operations 
  • Produce high-quality products in an agile way 

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