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Best user of both sides


LIDL DIGITAL is looking for talented individuals in the following fields to join us in our brand new local digital hub:



Lidl Digital is the technology brainpower that fuels our online retail business. For more than ten years, we have been developing and internationalizing Lidl’s digital business models such as Lidl Online Shop, the travel portal and other digital services, such as flowers and photos.

Our vision is to become a global leader for online discounters, by implementing innovative solutions that have helped pus us in the forefront of our industry.

Lidl Digital Romania, a start-up technology Hub, is to come to our headquarters in Neckarsulm and our digital office in Berlin, and master the international threads of all Lidl digital activities.

Our goal is to enable online shopping for our customers, at anytime and anywhere. At Lidl Digital Romania, we will make this become a reality.


We are especially proud of our online shops, the result of our daily work. We have already reached more than 20,000,000 website visitors per month and we are looking to expand the concept in all countries where Lidl is present.

A well-rehearsed tech team, made up of internal and external colleagues, carries out monthly releases that are setting the pace so that we can fully exploit the possibilities of agile software development. A sharply tailored software architecture that uses and introduces up-to-date frameworks, offers every developer the opportunity to contribute to the success of the online platforms.

In addition to our in-house JAVA developments, we use a SAP Hybris platform that covers many essential areas of the e-commerce landscape. At the same time, we have an extremely large number of options for further development of the framework on the basis of the familiar JAVA technology.


On the way to becoming one of Europe's largest online retailers, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies that further our online business. You may not spot it at a first glance but the simpler and more customer-friendly our products work, the more creative and complex the processes and concepts are in the background. In a nutshell, we are all doing our best to make the shopping experience as easy and uncomplicated as possible for the customer.



For us, "teamwork" is not just a buzzword — it stands for collaboration, no matter the titles and operational ground. We believe that a team is not the sum of its members, but rather a potpourri of ideas and creativity. Our hunger for success drives everything forward, even our celebrations. Together, as a Team!


We operate under the guiding rules of the "StartUps culture" - results focused, team oriented, hierarchy-independent. We're looking for the ones that embrace change and challenge the status quo. If you are passionate, driven and you welcome a development stretch, then you've come to the right place!


Our work directly impacts our customers in their everyday shopping experience. Therefore, we are proud to design and deliver best in class solutions for our internal and external clients, all over the world. We look forward to releasing our products into the world of Internet retail.


We believe that by doing the job right we've built our success so far. At Lidl Digital, we have the resources, the learning support and the environment necessary to grow and bring our best work forward in return.


As simple as it may sound, we do things that make sense. We provide solutions that improve our customers' experience. Finding practical solutions is on our everyday radar and what is meaningful for our customers becomes a priority for all of us.


In order to become market leader, we shall be always ahead of our game. Our solutions will be fast, flexible and crafted for the future. We will constantly reinvent ourselves - we will always be eager to learn, willing to upgrade ourselves and our technologies, and seek to remain in the forefront of the international online retail.


Our tech experts translate complex logic into code, bring user-optimized applications into all business areas and push the Lidl online platforms every day in the direction of a global multiplayer. We are extremely fast in the implementation of short release cycles in the shop, SAP and third-party systems. In-house competence is important to us on all points, which is why we are particularly proud of our enriched know-how to live on future technologies in SAP, to develop high-performance web and modern mobile applications, or to lift the rising logistics structure to the next level.

In the future, topics and projects will become more complex as a result of internationalization. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for us to promote intelligent solutions and create added value.

We are particularly interested in your experience with JAVA, SAP Hybris and SAP, be it a solid track record of high profile implementations for various SAP modules or a fast forward learning track with SAP development and/or consultancy assignments. If you want to push ahead and break new ground with international e-commerce we're giving you what it takes!

Join us, we're ready to meet!


Our recruitment process is as easy and straightforward as possible. The most important thing about this process is that you get to know us and the team you’ll be working with. It is as much about us interviewing you as it is about you interviewing us!


Send in your resume and we will guide you through the process.


You will be interviewed by your future colleagues so you can also use the opportunity to get to know us and your future team. Part of the interview will also be in English as English is the main language of the hub.


If you choose us and we choose you, then it’s a match, and we will make you an offer.


We welcome you to our Lidl Digital team !

Local onboarding

You will be invited to an onboarding session to meet your new team, learn about Lidl Digital and to set-up your IT equipment and settle in.

Global onboarding

You will be invited to attend onboarding in our International Head Office in Germany where you will learn about our international history and expansion plans. You will also get to know our international team members you will be collaborating with in the future while still managing to keep a good work-life balance.

Role-specific onboarding

You will have one-on-one onboarding with your specific team so you can learn about the challenges and development opportunities that lay ahead.


Because we are always trying new things and working hard to implement it better and faster than others.

That's our Lidl Digital DNA.

In addition to creativity, experimentation and dynamism, we offer you a successful company that gives you what you need to become your best self — the exciting professional challenge of working on international projects from the coziness of Romania, great salary offer & perks and a secure job.


Personal Development Time

Electric Bikes

Work Life Balance

Healthy living

Latest Technologies & Equipment

Fitness Offers

Flexible Working Time

Health Insurance

Other cool benefits


Your decision to join us should be worth it! So, not only will you benefit from above-average pay, but you will also gain from also from all the social benefits and perks that come with working at a large company. We are aware of our colleagues and staff needs. Therefore, we have created and developed solutions in order to manage the work and personal life balance. We will be there for you and we will guide you in finding your way around, encourage you in embracing the team spirit and in discovering the individual training opportunities we have to offer.